FastRak Wire Mesh Decking


Improves ventilation and reduces dust build-up. Designed specifically for the FastRak product, this wire mesh decking fits perfectly on top of beams. Waterfall design of wire mesh curves over top of beams to provide smooth shelf surface. Combine multiple decks for longer shelf widths. Color: Gray.

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18"x35" 215-CW1835 $23.96
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18"x47" 215-CW1847 $25.78
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24"x35" 215-CW2435 $26.02
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24"x47" 215-CW2447 $28.17
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36"x35" 215-CW3635 $30.20
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36"x47" 215-CW3647 $32.97
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48"x35" 215-CW4835 $33.84
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48"x47" 215-CW4847 $37.99
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