Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Decking


Open wire construction reduces dust build-up and allows free light and air circulation, increases sprinkler effectiveness and improves visibility. Constructed of 4 gauge wire and 14 gauge flared channels. Featuring a double powder coated finish and 2 ½” x 4 ½” wire spacing. Each level of decking consists of two or more smaller panels.

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36"x46" 215-DF3646 $27.18
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36"x58" 215-DF3658 $33.26
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42"x46" 215-DF4246 $30.22
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42"x58" 215-DF4258 $42.36
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48"x46" 215-DF4846 $36.30
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48"x58" 215-DF4858 $51.48
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