Our Mezzanines bring your industrial or retail work space to a new level, transforming unused overhead areas into space that works. Our mezzanine systems are fully engineered for maximum strength, stability and function. We’ve got the right one, just for you, whether you need a standard structure, a complex custom fit or anything in between.


Our Mezzanines are 100% designed and manufactured using the best quality materials and workmanship. Take a look…

  • Approval plans for accurate layout and load capacity
  • Specifications that meet or exceed code requirements
  • Pre-tested standardized components carried in stock for full structural integrity and fast delivery
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Bolt-together design with pre-drilled beams and columns to ensure quick and easy assembly without special tools

Options Structure

Standard Mezzanine

Our standard square and rectangular mezzanines are far from standard. We ensure you get the best engineering options with a wide range of accessories at the best price on every mezzanine you order.

Custom Mezzanine

We makes custom mezzanine orders seem standard. We work with you every step of the way through the design and manufacturing process, delivering a fully engineered mezzanine that fits your warehouse, your timing and your budget.

Express Mezzanines

Choose Express Mezzanine when you need a standard mezzanine fast. For a premium, the Express Mezzanine Program will guarantee shipment of the complete ready-to-assemble mezzanine within 3 weeks of signed approval plans. Those plans will be sent to you for approval within 3 days or less of the order being placed, showing precisely how the mezzanine will be configured.

Options Flooring



Our decks come with a choice of durable surfaces.

  • Composite resin board over 1 1/2” corrugated steel deck
  • Diamond plate over 1 1/2” corrugated steel deck
  • Open steel bar grating – painted black
  • Open steel planking – galvanized


Our staircases and handrails meet your code and safety standards:

  • IBC – International Building Code
  • UBC – Uniform Building Code
  • CBC – California Building Code
  • BOCA – Building Officials and Code Administrators
  • OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • CNBC – Canadian National Building Code
  • OBC – Ontario Building Code
  • BCBC – British Columbia Building Code


Our staircases are built to last, yet are easy to assemble with simple nut and bolt connections. Our durable staircases fit exactly where you need them… mezzanines, in-plant offices, racking or shelving systems and more.



  • Open
  • Closed


  • Closed
  • Optional open tread available


Our handrail is one of the most innovative on the market. The continuous handrail is easily cut to size and reattached without welding. The handrail post design eliminates the need for notching the deck surface on installation, saving time and reducing the potential for error. Standard handrails are available in 3 designs to meet special code requirements or applications:


  • 2 rails with kick plate
  • 3 rails with kick plate
  • Welded mesh (1” x 1”) with kick plate

Kick Plates

4” & 5” high kick plates add that extra element of safety to your mezzanine.


Choose from these 3 gates for maximum design flexibility:


  • Swing gate
  • Sliding gate
  • Lift-out gate
  • Diamond loading plate


Our Ladders are available with or without safety cages.