Barrier Guardrails

Barrier Guardrails are the perfect safeguard for your equipment and property. Guardrails come in a variety of sizes with single and double-rail options. Choose either standard rails or easy-to-remove lift-out rails that slip into specially designed “saddles” attached to each post.



Standard Sizes
Nominal Rail Length Catalogue #
10’ IR-10
9’ IR-9
8’ IR-8
7’ IR-7
6’ IR-6
5’ IR-5
4’ IR-4
3’ IR-3
2’ IR-2

*Custom Sizes: Give Us A Call

Special Sizes
Post Catalogue #
Single Rail Post SRP Height: 17” (Rail Ht. 15”)
Double Rail Post DRP Height: 44” (Rail Ht. 42”)
Lift-out brackets (2 per rail) LOB
* Material available through EXPRESS-SHIP program.

When properly installed, a Guardrail withstands a 10,000 lb load from breaking through at 4 mph.


  • 5” x 5” posts
  • 10” x 10” base plates
  • 12” high rails
  • Finish, security yellow
  • Bolted connections
  • Security cap on all posts