FastRak Bulk Storage


Featuring a newly designed heavier duty upright that can be “knocked down” with detachable supports. Design allows for easier shipment while still providing up to 7,000 lbs. capacity per upright. Units feature a teardrop design that provides quick/easy assembly, as well as the functionality of sharing a common upright between units. Beams are adjustable in 1 ½”. Uprights are shipped Knocked Down or assembled for an additional charge. Upright color: Green.

D"xH" Model # Price Each Qty.
Unassembled FastRak Uprights
18x72 CU18072 $42.67
18x96 CU18096 $52.24
18x120 CU18120 $65.22
24x72 CU24072 $45.44
24x96 CU24096 $54.97
24x120 CU24120 $67.89
36x72 CU36072 $54.12
36x96 CU36096 $63.65
36x120 CU36120 $73.18
36x144 CU36144 $82.71
48x72 CU48072 $62.80
48x96 CU48096 $72.34
48x120 CU48120 $81.87
48x144 CU48144 $91.41
Assembled FastRak Uprights
18x72 CU18072A $46.94
18x96 CU18096A $57.46
18x120 CU18120A $71.74
24x72 CU24072A $49.98
24x96 CU24096A $60.47
24x120 CU24120A $74.68
36x72 CU36072A $59.53
36x96 CU36096A $70.02
36x120 CU36120A $80.50
48x72 CU48072A $69.08
36x144 CU36144A $90.98
48x96 CU48096A $79.57
48x144 CU48144A $100.55
48x120 CU48120A $90.06